What are my payment options at your dispensary?

Currently, we are only able to accept cash but have ATM’s on site at each location for the convenience of our patients.

Do you offer any discounts?

Veterans receive a 15% discount every day with a valid DD-214 or Military ID.

Do you deliver?

At this time we are not providing delivery services. We do however both online and phone orders to better serve our patients. Call or order on-line today and we’ll have your order ready and waiting for a fast and smooth pickup.

When do I need to renew my medical license?

We recommend starting your renewal process no later than 30 days before your card is set to expire to ensure that there are no delays or gaps in your coverage.

How much medical cannabis can I buy?

Patients are allowed to purchase up to 8 ounces or 230 units of medical cannabis over a rolling 90-day period. One unit is measured as 1g of flower or 200mg of THC when purchased in edible or topical form.

When purchasing concentrates, assuming a purchase of 1 gram, take the percentage of THC and multiply it by 10 to give you the total milligrams. Now divide that number into 200mg (which is equal to 1 unit) and you’ll have your total units. Divide that number by two if only purchasing .5g of concentrate. For example, 1g of concentrate at 70% THC multiplied by 10 gives you 700mg. Divided by 200 and you have 3.5 total units. Fear not, all our products are labeled with all applicable unit information and our friendly staff are always ready to help answer any questions you have along the way!

Have other questions?

Just let us know! Visit our contact page and ask away. We're ready to help in whatever way possible.

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All applicants must have a current New Mexico Driver’s License -or- New Mexico photo ID in order to apply.

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