In order to maintain a safe and hygienic medical facility, and in accordance with current New Mexico state law, we will strictly adhere the following in store shopping policies:

  • Use of face mask or face covering (required)
  • Gloves (if available)
  • Enter the store alone unless a caregiver is needed. In that case, the caregiver should enter alone
  • Maintain a distance of 6 ft between you and another person at all times

If any of these guidelines are not followed we reserve the right to refuse admittance.

Below you’ll find the in store shopping occupancy limits for your location (where available):

Las Vegas and Gibson (ABQ South)

Limit of 1 patient at each register (total of 2), and limit of 2 in the waiting room.

Bernalillo and Alameda (ABQ West)

Limit of 1 patient at each register (total of 2), and limit of 1 patient in waiting room.

Santa Fe

Limit of 1 patient at each register (total of 2), limit of 1 patient in waiting room and 1 patient at the bar.

Los Lunas

Will only have curbside and window ordering at this time. No in store shopping is allowed at this location.

We appreciate your patronage and the respect of the current policies for the safety of all. Let’s continue practice social distancing and follow up to date procedures, so we can maintain a reliable source for quality medications without interruption.

We our patients

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Minerva has excellent service and quality meds.


Minerva customer since the start. Will go to no other store. Love Minerva.


Minerva has the best prices and always the best products!


Minerva is the only game in town as far as I’m concerned! Best flower and the customer service is Phenomenal! Would recommend to any and all NM patients.


I appreciate the knowledge and suggestions. Nice budtenders who are polite and kind.


Best place in town for a variety of products. The staff is friendly and well educated on their products! Overall, a great place to come.


Love, love, love, Minerva! You have always been there for us when we needed you!