The Patient

The Patient

What Matters Most

As a medical cannabis patient in the state of New Mexico , you are entitled to and or may possess 230 units (approximately 8 ounces) every 3 months.

You receive the right to purchase from any Licensed Non Profit Producer.

You may possess any paraphernalia associated with use of Medical Cannabis

You have the right to apply for a personal production license (PPL). If approved for this license you may possess up to 16 plants. Including 4 mature /flowering plants and 12 seedlings.

And Lastly, as a patient if you are ever without your Medical Cannabis Card, you are entitled to time to produce it before arrest or criminal charges. (Lynn and Erin Compassionate Use Act)


New Mexico is fortunate enough to be a Medical Cannabis State. We were the 12th state to allow use thanks to the Lynn and Erin Compassionate Use Act 2007 (Senate Bill 523)


Why Us

How We Stand

NM Medical Cannabis Card Holders

  • Possession and purchase abilities of Approximately 8 oz per 3 months.

  • Freedom to not feel or be treated as a criminal for your habits, use , or paraphernalia.

  • Relief from the ailments of over 21 qualifying conditions.

  • Coming out of the Cannabis closet

  • A Free Joint every 5th visit on the house, (Only at Minerva Canna) .