Cloud 2.0 Pen

Cloud 2.0 Pen
Type: Portable Coil Atomizer Vaporizer (Concentrates)

Drag time: 25 seconds


White led light color

Low battery indicator: light will turn red when 10% battery life left click-in atomizer technology.


Comes with 1 x single ceramic-rod titanium hand-wrapped coil atomizer & 1 x dual ceramic rod titanium hand-wrapped coil atomizer.


Custom serial numbers (to ensure genuine cloud pen product)


What’s Included:


650 MAH Battery


Dual Ceramic-rod Titanium Hand-wrapped Coil Atomizer




Single Ceramic-rod


Titanium Hand-wrapped Coil Atomizer


3pcs Mouth Guards


A/C Adapter


Micro USB Wire


Custom C-tensil


Silicone jar


Alcohol Wipe


Cloud pen sticker


Custom cloud pen pouch


Authenticity Card


User Manual

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Available in Los Lunas


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