Chronic Pain Salve

Chronic Pain Salve
Type: 20mgTHC
THC 20mg per 2oz

Our cannabis pain salve is formulated with natural coconut oil. We use coconut oil because of its ability to absorb fully into the skin. The deep absorbption aids in the support of the skin and connective tissues while strengthening the underlying tissue. Coconut oil forms a protective barrier on your skin to lock in moisture without clogging pores and can feel a little greasy right after application. Let the product sit on the skin for a few minutes to allow the cannabis and other oils to penetrate the layers of skin. Then, wipe gently with a tissue.

Ingredients: coconut oil, grape seed oil, cocoa butter, organic NM beeswax, arnica montana, st. john's wort, calendula, essential oils, cannabis oil.

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