How to get a Patient ID Card

member2To get a Patient ID Card your physician must certify that you have an eligible condition, that the condition is debilitating and can not be helped by standard treatments, and that the benefits of medical cannabis usage outweigh the detriments.

    • For Post Traumatic Stress  Disorder (PTSD), a psychiatrist's diagnosis must be included.
    • For Glaucoma, an ophthalmologist must provide the diagnosis.
    • For Chronic Pain, you need objective proof of severe chronic pain (X-rays, CT scans, MRIs)
    • Cancer
    • Epilepsy
    • Multiple Sclerois
    • Positive Status for HIV and/or AIDS
    • Other ailments approved by the NM Dept OF Health

The program has 30 days to review your application starting from when the program receives your complete application. If the Medical Director approves your application, the program will issue you a registry ID card.

If you are a qualified and licensed NM Medical Cannabis Patient, we invite you to apply for Membership with Minerva by clicking here to download our Membership Packet.


Application forms to obtain a Patient ID Card from the NM Department of Health are available online at by calling (505) 827-2321.