Additional Security Added To Store

If you've visited Minerva recently, you noticed that we've been busy moving into our new facility (next door to our old facility), and have made numerous improvements. Besides the beautiful new dispensary space, one of the most noticeable changes is the friendly security guard stationed at the entrance to help verify your New Mexico medical cannabis program (MCP) status and answer any basic questions.

These Minerva employees ensure we always stay compliant with NM MCP regulations and that we can safely provide medicinal cannabis to all our NM medical cannabis patients. Their role includes greeting customers, checking identifications and ensuring safe, discreet access for everyone.  

Please don't be shy...say hello...have your IDs ready...and welcome them. We promise they won't bite!

Along with the many new things happening at our new store location, we have new Saturday operating hours: 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM.

Again, the new dispensary is located in the front of the same building complex as our old dispensary and we are now in the big building formally occupied by the cycling center.

We want to send out a friendly reminder that all licensed New Mexico medical cannabis program (MCP) caregivers must bring both their current NM MCP caregiver identification card and a separate form of valid state-issued ID. We understand everyone has different circumstances and schedules, but we must strictly adhere to the state program rules in order to keep our doors open for everyone.

Minerva promises to make every effort to accommodate those with special needs, but we cannot bend the rules...for matter the circumstances. Minerva's compliance with all the MCP rules and regulations is what will ensure we are here to serve our amazing customers for a very long time.

We appreciate your business and understanding. Please feel free to call or stop by with any questions...we are always here to help.